Water Booster Station #13-1 Design Build Project


5 Development Companies

Completed Date

November 2019

Project Description

Tritech acted as design-builder for the design and construction of a new Booster Station (Booster Station #13-1) that was required to boost pressure and provide required fire flow from an existing reservoir to a new pressurized water service to four developments (a total of 173 lots) in the Eastern Hillsides of Chilliwack.

Tritech’s scope of work for the Booster Station 13-1 included:

  • Engineering Design, review, and IFC for: Civil, Structural, Process Mechanical, HVAC, Electrical and Controls
  • Procurement of all associated equipment including:
    – 2 x Jockey Pumps, 3 x Full Flow Pumps
    – All Associated Piping and Valves
    – All Associated Electrical and Controls Equipment
    – 1 x Standby Diesel Generator
    – HVAC and plumbing
  • Construction:
    – Civil piping connection to 200mm existing water main stubs
    – Building– concrete foundation, masonry block walls with wood truss roof
    – Process mechanical installations – pumps, piping & valves
    – Electrical installations – including standby generator
    – HVAC installation
    – Fencing & gates and site restoration
    – Commissioning including SCADA integration

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