Newton Pump Station Maintenance Upgrades


City of Surrey

Completed Date

April 2024

Project Description

The Newton Pump Station was constructed in 1983 next to the existing Metro Vancouver (MV) Newton Pump Station, with subsequent upgrades in the 90’s, early 2000 and the latest one in 2016. The station now requires upgrading.

As Prime Contractor for this project, Tritech is responsible for the construction of the following civil, structural, architectural, mechanical and EIC upgrades to the City of Surrey’s Newton Pump Station:
  • Civil works included removal of nuisance plants for site access, replacement of existing fencing and gates, preparation of new access pathway and driveway, and installation of new EIC conduits
  • Structural upgrades including removal of the existing roof systems, surface preparation, thickening of the existing pump station roof concrete slab
  • Demolition of the existing stairwell super-structure and erection of a temporary secure access
  • Construction of a new, above-grade Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) building as an addition to the existing below-grade pump room
  • Architectural finishes include an insulated wall and roof metal cladding systems along with a hybrid Accoya wood siding system.
  • Replacement of the existing roofing membrane system on the exposed pump station slab
  • Supply & Installation of new FRP grating system to replace the existing trench grating in the pump station
  • Supply & Installation of miscellaneous metals including hatch guard rails and stair hand rails, curtain wall window systems and, metal doors and associated hardware
  • Replacement of the existing monorail crane system with a new overhead bridge crane in the pump room
  • Mechanical upgrades included removal of existing pumps and replacement with five (5) new 300 hp VT pumps
  • Replacement of suction and discharge connection piping for each pump up to suction and discharge header, including all appurtenances with valves supports as required
  • Replacement of all small-bore piping, pressure gauges and transmitters
  • Supply & Installation of New 48” Suction Header Piping including ASME standard pipe fabrication and welding works, and associated valving
  • Supply & Installation of New 42” Discharge Header Piping including ASME standard pipe fabrication and welding works , and associated valving
  • Supply & Install New 42” Flowmeter
  • Exterior Coating and Interior Lining the new suction and discharge headers
  • Fusion Bond Epoxy Coating for all small diameter piping
  • Building Mechanical upgrades included new pump room ventilation roof-mount exhaust fan, intake louvre and damper, and unit heaters

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