Upland Aspen Reservoir and Pump Station


Town of Innisfail

Project Completion


Project Description

This project involved the construction of a pump station and reservoir for the Town of Innisfail, Alberta. As general contractor, Tritech was responsible for the supply and installation of a 6,800 cubic meter cast in place concrete water reservoir, pump-house superstructure, process mechanical, building mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and controls, site facilities, and water main tie-ins.

Tritech’s scope of work for this project included:
  • Stripping, excavation, grading, stockpiling, backfilling around and over the reservoir and pump-house structure,
  • Compaction, soil testing, grading excess soils, de-watering as required,
  • Protection of existing utilities/structures, coordination of new utilities,
  • Fencing, gravelling, paving, installation of rip-rap, culverts, bollards, a wastewater holding tank, transformer guard railing and landscaping, and all related work required for completion.
Despite some challenges with weather conditions and available subcontractor labor, Tritech completed the reservoir and pump station on budget, on schedule, and with the high level of quality that we require on every project. This would not have been possible without the ongoing collaboration between Tritech, the engineering consultant, and the owner.

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