Morley Wastewater Treatment Plant


Stoney Tribal Administration

Completed Date

November 2009

Project Description

This project involved the construction of a wastewater treatment plant for the Stoney Tribal Administration in Morley, Alberta. Tritech used its expertise as a water infrastructure specialist to complete the structural, electrical and mechanical aspects of the job.

Tritech’s scope of work for this project included:
  • Construction of WWTP (ADF 180 m3/d, MDF 430 m3/d) and exfiltration field and block building.
  • Execution of site work and excavation.
  • The installation of underground piping, and construction of concrete tanks.
  • The supply and installation of: sequencing batch reactor equipment, sludge de-watering equipment, Chemical Feed Systems, Submersible Pumps, and Mechanical, Electrical, and Instrumentation Equipment.
  • Decommissioning of a lagoon and creating a tie in to deep utility services.
This project required Tritech to maintain operation of the existing wastewater treatment plant during the construction period. In addition, high ground water table conditions meant that we were forced to implement extensive dewatering operations.

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