Japan Gulch Water Treatment Plant Chloramination


Capital Regional District

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Project Description

The Design Build Japan Gulch Chloramination Upgrade Project addressed the following key project objectives:

• Replace the existing gaseous chlorine and ammonia systems with new bulk hypochlorite and aqueous ammonia to improve operational safety and reliability
• Achieve 90% conversion to monochloramine across all flow rates

To meet these objectives, two new buildings were constructed to separately house 12% hypochlorite FRP storage tanks and metering systems and 19% ammonia FRP storage tanks and metering systems. Each building included bulk chemical delivery systems with compressed air, secondary containment systems, chemical dosing pump systems, process piping, heating and ventilation and electrical, instrumentation and controls. Other project deliverables included: new 30” magnetic flow meters, new dilution pump systems, mixers and injection diffusers.  Civil works comprised double-walled chemical lines, new fire hydrants, building utilities (electrical and water), controls cabling, and a redundant fibre-optic communication network linking five buildings. Due to the lack of storage, the flow was highly variable, so the chemical metering equipment had to be able to handle a large turn down (370:1) without loss of accuracy. Access to the water main injection points was restricted so careful planning was necessary for the installation of new flow meters, dilution systems, mixers, injection diffusers and new process analyzers. Tritech completed programming, testing and commissioning for the project.

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