JAMES Plant UV Treatment Project


City of Abbotsford

Completed Date


Project Description

Tritech was General Contractor on this project. The work included earthwork, structural work, mechanical work, electrical work, instrumentation and control work.

Tritech’s scope of work for this project included: Phase 1 Work Item 1: Effluent UV Disinfection System
  • Modification of existing JAMES Plant disinfection channel for UV system installation.
  • The channel modifications were completed while the channel remained in continuous operation with minimal disruptions to the plant. Tritech designed and installed temporary stop gates so the permanent gates could be installed behind them.
  • Supply and installation of equipment, concrete, process piping, wiring, and cabling, working platform, railing, etc., including lowering of the existing flow measuring weir.
  • Installation, commissioning, and field testing of Owner supplied UV disinfection system.
  • Construction of a new electrical structure next to the modified portion of the existing channel.
  • Supply and Installation of a 1500 ASDS Sanitite HP Gravity Sanitary Sewer Pipe.
Item 2: Reclaimed Water Intake and Filtration System
  • Supply and install two submersible pumps equipped with one local control panel including VFDs.
  • Supply and install two automatic self-cleaning strainers equipped with one local control panel.
  • Supply and install piping, valves, and supports.
Item 3: Reclaimed Water Disinfection System
  • Supply and install an on-site sodium hypochlorite generation (OSHG) with chemical metering system and storage tanks within the existing Electrical workshop.
  • Supply and install chemical injection pipe, drain pipe, hot and cold- water plumbing pipes, and eyewash station
Phase 2 Work Decommissioning existing chlorination/dechlorination after Phase 1 Work.

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