Chilliwack WWTP Inlet Works and Emergency Repair Works to Primary Clarifiers


City of Chilliwack

Project Completion


Project Description

Tritech was the design-builder responsible for the design, construction, and commissioning of this Project.

Tritech’s scope of work for this project included:
  • Construction of a new Inlet Works Building to house the equipment required for fine screening, screenings washing/compacting, grit and septage separation and transfer pumping:
    • Efficient and high-performance screening units with screenings processing
    • A high-performance induced vortex grit removal system with grit processing
    • Septage system
    • Pump station supply and installation
    • Construction of a pipeline to convey screened / de-gritted wastewater from the Inlet Works Facility to the existing primary clarifiers
    • Associated geotechnical, civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical & instrumentation
  • Emergency Repair Works to Primary Clarifiers:
    • During the upgrade works, a trough collapsed in Primary Tank #1 requiring an emergency repair (unrelated to Tritech’s work). The City retained Tritech to complete emergency repairs as follows:
    • Phase 1 The Isolation Process:
    • Prior to completing the proposed repair work, Tritech was required to obtain WCB approval for their method of isolating the discharge channel with an engineered bulkhead gate and sandbags.  Phase 1 work included the following:
      • Obtain WCB approval for the proposed isolation method
      • Conduct sampling of the existing concrete to determine the extent of the concrete repairs
      • Demolition of the existing trough
      • Phase 2 The Concrete Repair:
      • Phase 2 included the concrete repair, fabrication, and installation of the channels and troughs in primary tanks #1, #2 and #3.  To complete the proposed repair work, Tritech executed the WCB approved method as submitted on Phase 1.

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