Burrard Pump Station Refurbishment


City of Vancouver

Completed Date

June 2023

Project Description

Tritech is the prime contractor for the refurbishment of the Burrard Pump Station, including the Kent & Kinross Pump Station. The work site is located under the West Cordova Street Viaduct in Vancouver, BC.

The existing BPS was constructed in 1984, and requires significant upgrading, including structural, mechanical, piping, ventilation, and electrical work. The station is located under the intersection of Burrard and Cordova Streets. Project valued at $2.9 Million.

Burrard Pump Station
  • Construction of pump station, including structural, mechanical piping, ventilation and electrical work
  • Complete all required site work, including site preparation, excavation, shoring, backfilling, installation of buried services, tie-ins, and restoration
  • Construct any temporary works required, including wet well access, temporary lighting, wet well ventilation, and bypass piping
  • Set up a by-pass system to transfer inflow from the inlet manhole to the bypass connection on the forcemain
  • Pump down the wet well and remove all liquid, sludge, solids, rags and other materials
  • Pressure-wash the interior of the wet well and complete a visual inspection of the wet well concrete, structural steel including gratings and ladders, sluice gates, piping, valves, and appurtenances including pipe supports. Obtain approval of cleaning from the Consultant, and perform any additional work or re-work required
  • Complete all required building modifications
  • Design, supply and install new electrical enclosure
  • Supply and install equipment, including but not limited to new pumping units, standby genset, fans, motor control centre, and flow meter
  • Supply, fabricate and install all metal work, including but not limited to piping, pipe supports, stairs, gratings and handrails
  • Complete electrical upgrades, including new service entry panel, motor control centre, automatic transfer switch, alarm panels, and building services
  • Deconstruction and disposal of waste material and Abatement of hazardous material
Kent & Kinross Pump Station
  • Provide a temporary by-pass system
  • Construct any required temporary works, including ventilation system, wet well access system, and wet well lighting system, and
  • Clean the existing guiderail support brackets using pressure washing and wire brushes
  • Supply and install new nuts

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